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The “ironclad friendship” between China and Cambodia is passed down from generation to generation

2023 witnesses the year when China and Cambodia celebrate the 65th anniversary of the official establishment of diplomatic relations and it is the "China-Cambodia Friendship Year.

After Hun Manet took over as Prime Minister, he chose China for his first official visit, which highlighted China's important position in the foreign policy of the new Cambodian government.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is about to host the third Belt and Road International Cooperation Summit Forum, which will be attended by more than 130 national leaders and representatives, including Prime Minister Hun Manet.

Cambodia is an important country in the engagement of the “Belt and Road Initiative”. China has invested heavily in Cambodia’s infrastructure, logistics, industrial zones and other fields. China is also Cambodia's most important development partner. Over the years, China has built multiple large-scale infrastructure projects for Cambodia by providing free and preferential loans, allowing the Cambodian people and other countries to see with their own eyes the "real" benefits.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said that Hun Manet chose China as the first country to conduct a bilateral visit after taking office, which fully reflects the importance that the new Cambodian government attaches to consolidating and developing China-Cambodia friendship.

"China and Cambodia are ironclad friends. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 65 years ago, the two sides have always had a high degree of mutual trust, treated each other as equals, and achieved mutual benefit and win-win results. They have always firmly supported each other in safeguarding national sovereignty, security, and development interests. This is the core essence of a China-Cambodia community with a shared future."

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