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Sihanoukville Embarks on Transformative Development with Bonded Zone and Industrial Cluster

Sihanoukville Province in Cambodia is set to undergo a significant transformation as the government introduces plans for a bonded zone and an industrial cluster. These initiatives aim to drive rapid and efficient development by integrating resources and attracting substantial investments. Prime Minister Hun Manet recently presided over a promotion ceremony in Sihanoukville, announcing the launch of the "Special Plan for Investment Promotion of Sihanoukville Province in 2024."

The special plan underscores the importance of building infrastructure related to industrial development to attract investments and stimulate economic recovery in Sihanoukville. It emphasizes the government's commitment to prioritizing necessary infrastructure projects that support industrial development and investment attraction. This includes the development of large-scale industrial parks and the enhancement of existing special economic zones to meet international standards in all aspects, such as infrastructure, electricity supply, clean water, raw materials, and transportation and trade facilitation incentives.

Furthermore, the plan aims to unlock the potential of available land, whether government-owned or privately held, by transforming it into concentrated areas for industrial and enterprise activities, as well as tourist areas. The government will provide support through incentive policies and infrastructure construction to facilitate this transformation. Additionally, the plan proposes the implementation of one or more pilot areas within Sihanoukville, such as special economic zones, bonded zones, industrial clusters, or customs warehouses. These pilot areas will serve as hubs for resource integration and catalysts for rapid and efficient development.

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