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China-ready system goes live

The Ministry of Tourism announced that it has launched an online China-Ready Accreditation System (CRA) which will allow tourism business operators to apply for certification that their services meet Chinese standards.The system is intended to strengthen the post-pandemic quality of services and promote the Cambodian tourist industry to the Chinese market.“This system will make it easier for tourism businesses to apply for an assessment and certify the quality of their services. It will also be faster, saving them time,” said a ministry statement.

It added that once certification was obtained, tourism operators would receive a CRA label, which would show that their services are of sufficient quality.Chinese tour operators and tourists could therefore have confidence in their services. The CRA would also make it easier for the ministry to establish a network of travel and tourism operators that it could promote to the Chinese market.

Ho Vandy, an adviser to the Cambodia Association of Travel Agents, said the CRA would benefit all tourist business operators in Cambodia, especially because the online system means they can be ready on time to welcome Chinese tourists, a group whose numbers are predicted to swell once the new Siem Reap International Airport opens in the near future.“In my opinion, tourism business operators should hurry to apply for quality certification as soon as possible, because I believe that after we open the new airport in Siem Reap, more Chinese visitors may come to the Kingdom,” he explained.

The CRA included hotel and accommodation, food and beverage and transport accommodation, as well as resorts, supermarkets, souvenir shops, entertainment services and travel agents. The tourism ministry hopes that all tourist business operators who receive Chinese tourists will apply for CRA certification through the website as soon as possible.

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